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We Stand In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with the true meaning and essences of the Black Lives Matter movement. This is not to discredit the lives of all other races. However, to ignore, dismiss, or remain silent in regards to the racial disparities, inequalities, and genocide taking place within all Black communities, would be a far greater tragedy within itself. Assuming all who are targeted and/or killed at the hands of police, were criminals or must have done something to deserve death, is a way of thinking steeped in centuries of fear, ignorance, and evil.

To my non-Black comrades within the baking community. Now is a wonderful time to educate yourselves. Reach out to those you wouldn’t “normally” fraternize with, and have those VERY uncomfortable conversations. These protests aren’t happening because the world is merely “overreacting”. This is the time for the open dialogue. Yes, change is scary and most often, uncomfortable to embrace. Yet, ignoring the need for change is the exact reason the world is currently on fire. If not for yourself, be the catalyst for change for the black colleagues and friends you claim to love and support. I may lose a few followers after this but I surely won’t lose any sleep. God bless and godspeed. Megan “Chef Megz” Fowlkes and the entire Oh So Cupcakes By Megz staff

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