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Digital downloads are sold separately from paperback copies. Paperback copies will be available for purchase at a later date.


Introduce your child to the delightful world of baking while enhancing their letter tracing and coloring skills. (Downloadable)

Our Baking-Themed Coloring and Letter Trace Book is Perfect for kids from kindergarten through second grade, this engaging activity book combines the fun of baking with the educational benefits of letter tracing.



  • Over 50 Pages of Fun and Learning: With more than 50 pages, this book provides ample tracing and coloring activities to keep your child entertained and engaged.
  • Baking-Themed Designs: Each page features charming illustrations of baked goods and baking tools, including cupcakes, cookies, rolling pins, mixing bowls, and more.
  • Letter Tracing Practice: Every letter of the alphabet is included, giving your child the opportunity to practice their writing skills while enjoying the baking theme.
  • Perfect for Young Learners: Designed specifically for children in kindergarten through second grade, this book supports early literacy development in a fun and interactive way.
  • Encourages Creativity: The book not only helps with letter recognition and handwriting but also encourages creativity as children color in the delightful baking-themed images.
  • High-Quality Paper: The pages are made from high-quality paper to withstand various coloring tools, including crayons, markers, and colored pencils.
  • Great Gift Idea: This coloring and letter trace book makes a wonderful gift for young aspiring bakers and artists, providing hours of educational fun.


Product Details:

  • Title: Baking-Themed Coloring and Letter Trace Book
  • Pages: 50+
  • Target Age Range: Kindergarten to Second Grade
  • Format: Digital
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Make learning an enjoyable and delicious adventure with our Baking-Themed Coloring and Letter Trace Book! Perfect for young learners who love baking and coloring.

Oh So Colorful: A Letter Trace Coloring Book (Digital Download)

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